A STUDIO NAMED FOUR works from the belief that great interior design is built on four foundations. Our four-pillar approach acts as a compass in the design process and helps you navigate effortlessly from concept to execution.



Our state of mind determines our feelings, each and every day. Creating the right mood and atmosphere for your home is therefore of great importance. That’s why each of our designs starts with a mood exploration at A STUDIO NAMED FOUR.



Color amplifies the character of a space. The right color palette is fundamental to bring the right energy to your interior. It can soothe and calm or vitalize and excite. The choice for color scheme is the sum of our four pillar approach.



Creating an identity for your interior is a balancing act between materials, treatments and motifs. Our focus on texture delivers unique and daring combinations. We believe, it’s the difference maker for customized interior designs.



The function of our house is becoming increasingly important. Depending on your life stage, the right choices need to be made to unite function and feeling. A STUDIO NAMED FOUR guides you through this process.